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Tuan Essay 6

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My friends Tina.


At my work, I meet Tina who was my friend. She was a great, funny, and easy going person. On 2004, I remembered my first time when I went to work at the nail shop. I did not know what to do first and Tina came and helped me out. Then we sat down at the front desk and introduced our self. I told her that I was just move to Arizona for school. During that time, she asked me the reason why I have moved to Arizona for school. I told her the reason that if I stay at San Diego than I cannot focus on my studying because I will go out and party with my friends instead of staying home and study. Therefore, I decided to move to Arizona. This was also my first job working at the nail shop that I told her. I also found out that Tina has two kids. One is in high school and the other is still a baby. She worked six day a week from nine to seven. Moreover, she was a full time college student because she wanted to finish major as a nursing and she told me she had only one year left in college. She was my idol. In conclusion, I felt so proud of her because she had two kids and still continues college.

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