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Tuan Essay 3

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A Disagreeable Characteristic.



The most disagreeable characteristic about Tom when he lets his laziness out of

his control. When he comes home from school, he knows that his essay assignment is due on Friday, but he is lazy to do his assignment. Tom though he could depend on his friend, Andy to help him on his assignment because they live together in an apartment. On Thursday morning, Andy did his assignment and Tom did not bother to do his. Therefore, Tom kept playing computer game and watching television at the same time. During the evening, Tom still did not do his assignment yet and he was planning to ask his friend for help. But, Tom did not have a chance because Andy was too busy with his errand. So he kept playing game while waiting for Andy to come home and help him with his essay. He also lacks on his laziness and he did not bother to give a try on his essay. Tom just sat on his couch and kept watching television and took a nap. At night time, he went to Andy’s room and he did not see him. He started to panic because the assignment is due on Friday and Andy was not there to help him. Plus, he did not have enough time to do his assignment. So he kept on being lazy and did not do his essay because he thinks he loose only twenty points. In conclusion, Tom lets his laziness out of control because he though he could get over with his assignment with the help of his friend, Andy. However, he wasted his whole day and not doing his assignment except playing game and watching television.

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