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Welcome to Shamirane's Writing Portfolio Wiki!


This is a wiki for my Basic Writing Skills course. I will be using this site to do peer editing and to share my writing with the class.


You can edit any page, including this one, just by clicking "Edit" above. But it would probably be better if you stick to editing your own page.


To tell you a little about myself, I will post my Essay #1: Memoir/Narrative here once I have written it:

About Me

My name is shamiran Akkurt.I am student at south community college. I work very hard to do good at my homwork.I think I learn alot at the English class. Thanks to mrs cooper.Because I am from different country,every thing is new to me,and little hared.I thank her again for her support.


Personal Reflection


-------> CUT & PASTE ESSAY #1 HERE Remove arrows<----------


My Essays

My most disappointing friend was a young woman .who always called, but she never returned my calls .also, she would lie about where she was. Another time she made me mad very much when she told me that we were going to meet at the park, but she never show up. I hate it that when she cheated me .some time’s I wondered if she even liked me or if she cared about me when I saw her next time I confront her she made lot of excuse so I told her if she keep doing this I don’t thing we will be friend for much longer.

My Goals

My goal is to learn English so I can teach and help my kids with their homework. Since I live in the United States,it will be easier for me to learn English and communicate with others. Improving myself with my writing would help me to further my Education, and to be able to find a decent job. I want my husband and kids to be proud of me. As I educate myself and become someone professional, I want my kids to see me as their row model and follow my steps.


My brother Dan has a very short temper, he never smiles, and he is always mad. Because he can’t make every thing the way he want’s it, his temper send the massage,he is a very bad boy .Also, Dan can’t sit down with anyone and have a nice conversation it’s either His way or no other way. We told him to work on changing his behavior for it s gotten worst. Finally, he decided to get some help by seeing a special doctor, because he didn’t want to upset every one that loved and cared about him. Hopefully he will learn to change his attitude. He knows that being angry or mad is not going to solve any thing. When he grows up, he will thank every one for being there to help him through his problem. Other wise, it will be very difficult change his bad temper on his own.

My Blog

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