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Shamiran Essay 6

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My favorite book.

Tuck and his family went camping in the forest, and saw a big tree with water running from it. They all drank from the spring water except for the cat, but the ones that did drink from the spring, their lives changed forever. First Jesse fell 30 feet from the top of the tree and he didn’t get hurt or die. Second their horse got shot and nothing happen to him. Also Mile got married and had two kids but his wife left him when she knew that she got old but not her husband. Tuck’s family lived in the woods for a very long time. They live the life that many people forgot Traditional life,and very poor they loved one another very much. Once Winnie Foster ran from home to the woods and saw Jesse drink from the spring, she wants to drink but Jesse didn’t let her. Later Jesse told her why he didn’t let drink from the spring, he told her the secret that he never told any one about the spring, so tuck took her to the boat. Because you now know our secret you have to know why you should keep it a secret. Winnie if any one knew the secret they all will go, and drink from the spring. They will not be part of the wheel any more. They will be like rocks stuck in the river just like us. Jesse fell in love with Winnie, so he gives her a bottle from the spring to drink when she is seventeen, but Winnie remembered what Tuck told her about the spring. Finally Winnie decided to be part of the wheel and not live forever.

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