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Welcome to Karina's Writing Portfolio Wiki!


This is a wiki for my Basic Writing Skills course. I will be using this site to do peer editing and to share my writing with the class.



Personal Reflection


What do I think about my writing is that since I walked into this class I though I would not learn anything just because I was afraid of being a freshman at a new school especially College. Now I have improved in many ways I learn to fix my run-ons with the help of the teacher and with reading the book and practicing my sentences. I have also learned in capitalize any sentence and fix my essays. What also had helped me is that every week we have to write Journals and that help me in improving and writing more. Sometimes I had Problems on writing my ideas on a piece of paper, Now I could do that everything that comes to my mind I could write it down in a piece of paper. What I could do different in improving my writing is to find another way to get help because when I had a question I would always stay quiet and sometimes I got my work wrong. This class has not only help me as to improve my self but as to help be to be prepared for the world out there that comes with many challenges and obstacles. I’ am ready for the world.




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My Essays


"My Special Goal"


My special goal is to be able to be part of the Phi-Theta-Kappa Honor Society. To be able to do this I have to contain a 3.5 GPA by the end of this Semester. To maintain a 3.5 GPA I have attend to all of my classes’ everyday and be on time. I also have to do all my homework, participate in the class, keep on task, and do well in the exams or quizzes. I also have to attend to all the Lectures for the Honors Program. If I don’t participate by attending to these lectures my grade goes lower and I don’t get the chance to be in the Honor Society.




" Disagreeable Characteristic"



The person who I’m going to talk about is my brother Guillermo. He is the most annoying, impatience, noisy, cruel, and loud person I have ever meat in my entire life. The reason why I say this about my brother is, because he always comes to the house to bother everyone (CP). After he is done bothering my other sisters, he begins to bother me (CX). I stay patience for a while but then I explode and hit him (CX). He does not care if I hit him, so he keeps bothering me until I get up of the living room and head out to my room (CP). The weird thing is that after I leave he stays calm. Sometimes I think that’s the way he has fun.



"Event on Campus"


One important event that is going on school campus this month, is inviting students and staff to find a name for our SMCC Mascot. Since Twenty Years ago the mascot have been ot cheer on students athletics, entertaining fans at the school games and participation in different events. What's interesting is that people wondered and were confused of either our mascot was a puma or a cougar also people used to call the mascot "Smoco" but is was never widely publicized. The truth is that our mascot is a Cougar with no name. Now this is the question of the month "What's our mascot name" SMCC invites you to participate on this event by participating you could win some goodies.


"International Education Week"


This year the International Education week went well. I got to interview Mr. Martinez and got to see his presentation. He talk about many things such as how different is Mexico from United States. He also show us many pictures of him and other spectacular places he visit. He told us an interesting story that Mexican people used to back then as a game. He told us that Mexican used to play basketball different that instead of using a ball they used rocks and that they just throw it in the basket. Who ever wins the game had to be kill as a present for the king. This was a awkward game that no one plays now! I really enjoy his presentation and all the history he brought from Mexico. I’m glad to know more about my culture because I don’t really know a lot since I was not raise in Mexico.




"Free Essay"

"This Semester"


My first semester at SMCC was great; I had so many experiences in here. Been a freshman at SMCC was not bad at all. I had my ups and downs. I have to stay motivated and Positive in order to keep everything just the way I wanted. Sometimes I felt that I was not going to be able to keep up with all of the work I had in my classes. In some way I was able to keep up and have a B and A average in my classes. I’m hoping for next semester to have a better way to manage my time and to have all A’s in my classes.


My Blog

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