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Welcome to Judith's Writing Portfolio Wiki!


This is a wiki for my Basic Writing Skills course. I will be using this site to do peer editing and to share my writing with the class.



Personal Reflection

My personal Relfection is that my writing has improved to learned more when i started this class. Because I learned new thing it really has been really help my skill. My first essay that i wrote is was good as the last one I wrote. My writing is better now then my frist day of class. I got practice from notes and journals almost everyday. Also, when you start with prewriting, outline draft, revising and final draft help write good essay and assenments it makes it easy to follow my direction. Also the essay learn more becuase if you spell correct or not, and check the grammar. That's why I want to improve to be better of myself and learn more of my writting.


My Essays:


My Blog

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