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Judith Essay 2

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Best Friends


My best friend is Brenda she is my younger sister. We get along together we live together. She is has always being there for me when I need her. Sometimes we go shopping, go to movies, and go to the concerts and to the fairs, and also like to take pictures together because we like to have fun. We also like to chat with our cousin on the internet. When I have a problem she fixes it. I tell her what is right or wrong. We care about each other because we don’t like bad thing happen to each other and we like to be nice to each other. I trust my best friend because she is my sister and she won’t tell secrets. We also like to listen to music and dance a lot. My sister is funny she makes me laugh a lot and we talk about boys. Best friend don’t care what age they are best friends is who you trust very much and cares about you very much that’s why my sister is my best friends. My sister is my best friends in the world.

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