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Welcome to Jeffery's Writing Portfolio Wiki!


This is a wiki for my Basic Writing Skills course. I will be using this site to do peer editing and to share my writing with the class.


You can edit any page, including this one, just by clicking "Edit" above. But it would probably be better if you stick to editing your own page.


To tell you a little about myself, I will post my Essay #1: Memoir/Narrative here once I have written it:

Personal Reflection

As an ESL student reading and writing wasn’t my strongest point. For example, my essay has grammar errors, Run-on, Subject verb agreement errors, spelling errors, and apostrophe errors. Although my parent wasn’t a big effect on my read and writing since they’re ESL parent also; my read and writing skills can’t progress. However, by sacrificing friendship, love, and joy in order to improves my reading and writing skills. By putting away those three keys element my reading, grammar, writing, and Run-on has improve.

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