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Welcome to Hibo's Writing Portfolio Wiki!


This is a wiki for my Basic Writing Skills course. I will be using this site to do peer editing and to share my writing with the class.


You can edit any page, including this one, just by clicking "Edit" above. But it would probably be better if you stick to editing your own page.


To tell you a little about myself, I will post my Essay #1: Memoir/Narrative here once I have written it:

personal reflection

I think my writing is doing better than previous time. After I started this class my writing improved a lot of compare to my earlier once. Before this writing class, I have hard time two write two sentences. Even though I am writing good sentences. I believe also my grammars is improving too.

My writing was built by writing the essays, and the journals .I remember in my first essay a made more errors in run- one, fragmement and the verb tense, but today I can sign the half of those fault. Because most of the time I review my notes I have took in class or I read the textbook. I also learned the way of using the computer I see more progress on my taping words.I would say my action istaking this class ,writing more essays, and journal that made me to read and write well.The English grammarwas my choice,because it will help me .In the futur to grow my English I like to read more and some other class.




Hi,every body my name is hibo,I came from East- Africa (republic the Djibouti)

MY Essays

Essay 2] - Comparison/Contrast

My and the resgoal is to earn college degree in the next four years. I am expecting that I will be maintain an accumulative GPA of 3,5 in my courses and graduate at good GPA.My schedule will be four classes for my school year (fall and spring semester).

  • [HiboMy plan in the next two months will be to get good grade in my reading and writing classes .I will attend in all my classes and spending at least eight hours a weeks for my study and do my home works .For the next month or this semester, I hopping that I will Topic long –term goal

be complete all my semester. Finally, I am hopping tomorrow to get back my assignment # 9 for the reading class t assignment for the writing class.



My niece is so disrespectful .She don’t like to listen her family. Everyday she was not a home. But when she is there every body hit her. Every one knows she was ready to make trouble.One the other hand she attacks her little sisters, and brothers with her power voice. Even she don’t respect her father, she argue with him.So after this difficult live, her father decided before to months to give her a hard works. In addition my niece knows what she is doing, but she doesn’t like to be honest. Finally I knew my niece was making all that, because to separate her family .Hopefully one days she will remember the ways their parent wanted to discipline her.




blue(transition word)


  • Hibo ESSay 5 - event on campus The international education, I participated to watch a film name s’ shall we dance. Shall we dance is a romantic comedy film the scene begin with a bored lawyer, john Clark (RichardGere), his loving wife Beverly Clark (Susan Saradon), and their two kids. He travels on a

train to his home from work, every evening as the train passes near the dancing school. He sees a beautiful woman Paullina (Jennifer lopez) standing out of the dance hall window he felt love to paulina .One night john decide to join the dance class, in his inscription format john write he is a single. After doing some practice with paulina who is his instructor now .One day John and paulina meet on the route, he tells, he wants to invite her for diner, but paulina refuses him. On the other hand john always confuses to lay his family .At the end paulina is interested too and even take together a long practice for a competition that yield next day. Finally his wife Beverly and his daughter caught him, because they take control all his routine, but he thinks person knows his secret. John apologies to his wife, and began to have a romantic love for his wife. I very enjoyed this film there is a great music and the dance .The film does come to one big happy ending which always nice




Last week, I visited my doctor to take a physical examination, before I decided to begin a physical exercise. There are so many reasons pushing me to exercise. First reason, I want to loose weight, because I became overt weight after having a baby. Second reason, I like the sport and it was my dream. But, after I became full time mother .I decide to exercise 30 minute at home. Thought I think even this 30 minute are not enough for me. In addition, I remember when I was in high school the run and the soccer were my prefer activities .I ran every Friday night one and half an hour with my sister. Sometime I participated the school marathon, where I was interest to run .My last reason, which I believe exercise and sport, were so important to our physical and mental health .One the other hand, before yesterday, after I received my examination result, I knew I can do any activity. The next day I preferred to make a very simple plan include a diet program, where I wanted to use only two months. Because I wanted to know how much it was help me .I hope my plan will be successful to loose more weight.




- * Hibo's Freshman Composition Journal

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