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Erica Essay 1

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I had a friend that didn't care about hurting other peoples feelings. He would talk about people around their backs. He simply didn't care about anyone except himself. I would tell him not to act the way, but he wouldn't listen because he thought he was better then everyboby. He would start rumors about people and that would end up into a big fight. He was a smart person, but hes only problem was that of his attitude. After being mean to a lot of people in school, now he is a little drunk. I still see him in my town but he no longer talks to me. He knows he mest up his life, but instead of doing something about it he decided to get into drinking and drugs. The people that he used to bully in school now make fun of him. I don't know why he got like this , but all I know is that he should'nt have been that mean to people. Hopefully one day he'll get better.

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