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Welcome to the Comments page!


This page explains how you are to make Peer Review Comments on each others Essay pages.


After you have determined who's essay you are to Peer Review, you need to find the essay by clicking on his/her name in the Sidebar. From that page, choose the essay to be reviewed.


After reading the essay, you need to post your comments at the bottom of the essay page. Your comments should include the following information.


Peer Review Comments

* Write your first name and enclose it in square brackets [ ].

* Write at least 5 complete sentences in paragraph form.

* Begin with a positive comment. Be specific about what it is you feel they did well.

* State what you believe to be the main idea of the essay and comment on whether or not you feel the thesis was written well.

* Comment on organization: unity & coherence.

* Comment on grammar, punctuation and usage.


-------> CUT & PASTE ESSAY #1 HERE<----------



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